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Baloch National Army Commander and 70 members surrender to Pakistani Govt

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Sarfaraz Ahmed Bengulzai, the commander of the Baloch National Army insurgent group, along with 70 members of this group, surrendered to the Pakistani government in Balochistan province.

This separatist insurgent group has been fighting against the Pakistani government in Balochistan for the past two years.

The Pakistani newspaper Dawn reported on Wednesday, December 20, that Mr. Bengulzai, the leader of this insurgent group, announced his surrender at a joint press conference with Jan Achakzai, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting of Balochistan province, in Quetta.

The commander of the Baloch National Army said at this press conference that his armed struggle was for the rights of the Baloch people, but now he realizes that in this struggle, the blood of the Baloch is being spilled ‘for the interests of India’.

He claimed, ‘India is involved in all conspiracies, and considering all this, we decided to join the mainstream national current.’

The Baloch insurgent commander, referring to the separatist Baloch insurgent groups, said: ‘These people only work for external agendas. By taking money from India, they spill the blood of the Baloch people.’

The insurgent group was formed last year after the union of the Republican Army of Baloch with the United Baloch Army. Last month, Golzar Imam, the founder of this group, was arrested by the Pakistani government. It is said that he facilitated the surrender of the current commander and members of this group.

Anwarul Haq Kakar, the interim Prime Minister of Pakistan, welcomed this move by the Baloch National Army insurgent group in a statement broadcast on the X network, saying that the government and security institutions welcome peace with an inclusive approach and are actively trying to integrate insurgents who are alienated from the government.

Alongside the Baloch National Army insurgent group, the Baloch Liberation Army insurgent group also fights against the Pakistani government in Balochistan province, aiming for the separation of this province from Pakistan. In these wars, thousands of Baloch citizens have been killed or disappeared.

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