ballots from 69 polling stations invalidatedThe Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan (IEC) said Friday that ballots from 69 polling stations were invalidated in the third round of their decision-making session on Friday.

IEC further added that decisions were made on the status of ballots cast at 3,000 polling stations from across the country.

“In the presence of national and international observers, United Nations advisors and media, Commissioners reviewed evidence collected during the audit process, at the National Tally Center today,” IEC said.

“In accord with criteria detailed in IEC Decision 33‐1393, the decisions made today led to validation of results from 1807 polling stations; invalidation of results from 69 polling stations; and partial‐invalidation (recount) of results from 628 polling stations.

Commissioners confirmed the need for closer investigation of 496 polling stations, and deferred decision‐making on these particular cases, accordingly,” IEC said following a statement.

According to IEC, the decisions were made after having reviewed audit findings, as recorded on checklist forms. Audit checklist forms, completed by Audit Teams during the audit process, indicate whether the contents of ballot boxes are valid, invalid or partially invalid, according to IEC Decision 33-1393.

“When they feel it is necessary, Commissioners are also examined individual audit checklist forms (electronic copy or original) for further clarification; or request advice from the United Nations,” IEC said, adding that decision‐making sessions will occur every other day at the National Tally Center, from (25 August) until all audit.