A Boeing 727 of Bakhtar Afghan Airlines at Frankfurt Airport in the late 1980s

Afghanistan National Procurement Authority chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has approved an initial investment budget to reactivate Afghan Bakhat aviation company with new aircraft.

The National Procurement Authority (NPA) said they will pay the Bakhtar company more than $20 million in advance for future services to the Defense Ministry for the transport of Afghan forces in Afghanistan. This advance payment will allow Bakhtar to buy two new aircraft.

Ramin Ayaz, a spokesperson at NPA, said: “Based on the new Solar year’s plan, Afghan Bakhtar Aviation will provide air transportation services to the 230,000 MOD employees on an exclusive basis which will help the company generate a good income.”

The Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) said that the Bakhtar aviation company–with four new aircraft and a new license–will start work in Afghanistan.

The ACAA stated that based on President Ghani’s instructions, two small airplanes granted by China to the Afghan government, will be given to Bakhtar. These Dash-8 Q300 aircraft are prop-driven and can hold between 30-40 passengers.

Bakhtar Afghan Airlines was established in 1967 and used to offer domestic flights. The company was founded as Bakhtar Alwatana, a name it kept until 1985 when it was renamed Bakhtar Afghan Airlines. In 1985 the company absorbed Ariana Afghan Airlines and became Afghanistan’s sole airline company. In 1988 the Ariana and Bakhtar brands merged.


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