The Minister of Defense Gen. Tariq Shah Bahrami has visited Iran on an official invitation of the Iranian military officials.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said Gen. Bahrami will hold talks regarding the fight against terrorism and drugs smuggling as well as other bilateral issues during visit to the country.

MoD further added that Gen. Bahrami left for Iran after receiving a formal invitation from the Iranian military leadership.

The visit by Gen. Bahrami to Iran takes place as the country is accused of supporting the certain insurgent groups in Afghanistan.

The Afghan defense officials had earlier said that the country has supported the Taliban group on certain occasions.

The coalition forces officials had also said earlier that apart from Moscow and Pakistan, Iran is also supporting the Taliban group in Afghanistan.

 “Iran’s desire for influence in Afghanistan remains strong. Iran seeks increased influence in Afghanistan through government partnerships, bilateral trade, and cultural and religious ties,” Pentagon stated in its report regarding Afghanistan late last year.

The report also adds that Iran provides some support to the Taliban and publicly justifies its relationship with the Taliban  as a means to combat the spread of ISIS-K in Afghanistan.

“Iran’s support to the Taliban undermines the Afghan Government’s credibility, adds to instability in the region, and complicates strategic partnership agreements,” Pentagon had warned.