The Provincial Council Chief of Baghlan province Mohammad Safdar Mohsini has been accused of grabbing the land belonging to the provincial hospital in Puli Khumri city.

The residents of Puli Khumri city and certain district municipal chiefs of Puli Khumri are claiming that a plot of land belonging to the provincial hospital has been grabbed by Mr. Mohsini.

The municipal chief of the 2nd police district of Puli Khumri Din Mohammad Jurat and a female police officer confirmed that Mr. Mohsini has grabbed the land.

They also added that Mr. Mohsini has started construction work of a building on the plot of land which has created hurdles on the movement of people as well as evacuation of the wounded civilians and military personnel to the hospital.

In the meantime, Jurat says the top government officials, including the provincial governor, security chief, mayor, and other senor officials cannot stand against Mr.Mohsini and are afraid of him.

He went on to claim that Mr. Mohsini has grabbed several other lands apart from the plot belonging to the provincial hospital.

This comes as efforts are underway to resolve the issue of land grabbing across the country.

In his latest meeting with the acting Kabul mayor and district municipal chiefs, President Ghani instructed the security authorities to take strict actions against those involved in land grabbing.