According to an Afghan government official, US army in coordination with the Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence carried out attack on the sanctuary of senior Haqqani Network leader, Badrudin Haqqani.

The official speaking on the condition of anonymity said ISI chief provided information regarding Badruddin Haqqani to Gen. Johan Allen during his recent visit to Pakistan.

The source further added ISI chief during his visit to United States also disclosed information regarding the safe haven of Badruddin Haqqani to US officials.

Badruddin Haqqani was a senior member of the Haqqani Network and third son of Jalaluddin Haqqani who was responsible in coordinating operations.

In the meantime family of Badruddin Haqqani also confirmed the death of him and said he was killed following an airstrike last Wednesday in North Wazisristan.

Badruddin Haqqani was also responsible for collecting funds, coordinating insurgency activities and managing the local commanders of the Haqqani Network.

Haqqani Network is accused of a number of deadly coordinated attacks in capital Kabul including attack on Kabul Intercontinental hotel in June 2011 and coordinated attacks on US embassy and a number of other high level government and non-government organizations in capital Kabul during September 2011. They also carried out deadly coordinated attacks in capital Kabul in 2012.

Meanwhile Afghan government official speaking on the condition of anonymity said Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence has also disclosed safe havens of the Haqqani Network and other militants groups to Washington.

He said a number of other precision airstrikes are also expected to be carried out in the near future however he did not disclose further information due to security reasons.