Security officials in Badakhshan say Taliban fighters have taken control over parts of Faizabad city, the provincial capital, after days of heavy fighting.

Badakhshan police spokesman Sanaullah Rouhani said security forces had retreated from the eighth district of Faizabad after several days of fierce fighting with the Taliban.

Rouhani added security forces had made a tactical retreat to prevent civilian casualties and that efforts are underway to retake the area from Taliban control.

According to the spokesman for provincial Police HQ, 29 Taliban fighters were killed and 64 others including three Afghan security forces were wounded in the fighting.

Seven security forces were killed and three wounded during skirmish.

The northeastern province of Badakhshan is one of the provinces where Taliban fighters have a large presence and activity; the militants are reportedly smuggling natural resources of the province to cover their war expenses.

Meanwhile, local officials in Kandahar province say Taliban attacks on Shurabak and Takht-e-Pul districts in the province have been repelled by Afghan security forces.

Kandahar police spokesman Jamal Barakzai told the media that 28 Taliban fighters had been killed and 20 others wounded in the clashes.