Ancient Bactrian gold, and part of Afghanistan’s ancient history, will be sent abroad for display Tahir Zuhair, acting Minister of Information and Culture said in a press conference.

Zuhair indicated the treasury is between 6 to 7Kg  in weight, but it worth billions is because of its history, adding that as it is registered under the name of Afghanistan, it won’t be robbed, and will soon be sent abroad for display as soon as an agreement is made.

Earlier, Afghan parliament speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani warned that the ancient treasure and most precious reserve of Afghanistan would not be safe due to corruption.

The Bactrian gold collection has brought Afghanistan over $4.5 million and it was displayed in 29 museums in 13 countries in the past 13 years and returned home last year.

It is Afghanistan’s biggest treasury depot, known as the largest gold treasures of the Ancient world, discovered four decades ago in the Tela Tapa area of Sheberghan district in northern Jawzjan province, beside the gold the excavators also found 7 corpses.

There are 21,145 pieces of gold in the Bactrian treasury, which belonged to the Kushan Empire formed in the Yearly 1st century by Yuezhi.

This comes as the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum raised concerns on illegal mining across Afghanistan.

The ministry claims the illegal mining is being conducted by local powerful figures and the Taliban.

At least 750 mining locations are under the control of the Taliban and other groups.

The Ministry also added, that legal and technical work on the contract for Mes Aynak, copper in has been completed and the Chinese company involved will prepare for further procedures and negotiations.


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