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Baby with three ‘penises’ makes medical history

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A baby was discovered to have three penises, probably the first case in modern human history in Iraq.

A Kurdish child from Duhok, Iraq was reportedly born with three penises a medical phenomenon called triphallia, the baby had swollen testicles.

According to the New York Post doctors measured the two additional penises are about 2 centimeters (0.8 inch) near his primary penis and 1 centimeter hidden underneath his scrotum.

Following the discovery, the two extra penises were surgically removed by the doctors, both had no urethras and served less functionality.

According to reports, doctors were unable to determine how the baby grew extra penises, tests were run to determine whether the baby was exposed to alcohol or drugs during the pregnancy but this was not the case.

Medical history has rarely recorded such cases in its history book.

In 2015 a similar case was reported in India, but the child reportedly had no anus, according to Daily Mail.

The newborn’s triphallia was not documented in the official medical journal, because the parents removed them and their speculations.

International Journal of Surgery Case reported that an individual with tripahllia may have medical and cosmetic difficulties, and would require regular visits for medical follow-ups.

“A combined multidisciplinary team is usually required for the management and long term follow up is usually required,” according to the International Journal of Surgery Case.

The rare condition of diphallia, having additional penis affects one in every five to six million boys.

The case was first reported in 1609, media reported.

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