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Azizi Bank is a commercial bank set up in Afghanistan in terms of the licensing policy of Da Afghanistan Bank, the Central Bank of the country. The Bank was granted a license on 13th June 2006 and commenced operations from the same date. Azizi Bank, a product of Afghan vision and enterprise, has been promoted by two leading businessmen – Mr. Mirwais Azizi (of the Azizi Hotak Group & family) and Haji Ali Akbar Zhawandai.

The promoters are committed to build a sound financial institution and, with a view to offer the utmost safety to the bank’s customers, set up the bank with an initial paid-up capital of USD 7.5 million that was 150% of the central bank stipulated minimum of USD 5 million. Now the capital is USD 42.5 million as on December 31, 2009.

The Management team at the Bank is a mix of youth and experience and skillfully supported by a young and well-trained operating team is aiming at transforming the banking scene in the country by offering a truly professional and pleasurable experience to the customers. The bank today has 1350+ strong team of employees and with a 20% female work force is playing a quiet but effective role in women’s emancipation and empowerment.

Large investments have been made by the Bank in physical infrastructure and technology with a view to provide the right ambience and latest facilities to prospective customers. The bank today has 66 branches across the length and breadth of Afghanistan, playing a pioneering role in development of the banking culture in the country.

Presently we have 66 branches across the country – 27 branches in  Kabul and 39 branches in the provinces, besides that we have licenses for 10 more branches, which are going to be opened shortly. We have applied to DAB for license of 20 more branches. Our plan to have 100 branches by year end 2010 by opening branches in the district headquarters.

In the year 2009, we achieved another milestone in banking history of Afghanistan by purchasing the Development Bank of Afghanistan from Da Afghanistan Bank (Central Bank of Afghanistan) and now we have restarted the banking operations with the new name as

Bakhtar Bank (100% subsidiary of Azizi Bank) with 15 branches license in hand from June 21, 2009. Now 16 branches have already been opened.

Azizi Bank has no pretensions of catering to any particular class of customers. Its primary aim is financial inclusion with a pan-Afghanistan presence. Accordingly, there are no charges for opening/maintenance accounts, issue of passbooks/statements of account and for Cheque collection and no minimum balance requirement for salary accounts etc.          

The deposit products (Current Account, Savings Fund, and Fixed/Term Deposits) have been designed to encourage the saving habit and offer convenience and reasonable returns. Credit products introduced by the bank take care of the basic requirements and promote enterprise (Fund-based facilities e.g. Term/Working capital Loans and Non-fund based facilities e.g. Letters of Credit and Financial/Performance Guarantees for Trade and Industry).  During 2009, the Bank started Mortgage loans for purchase of Commercial Offices, Shops & Residential Apartments.

Local/international remittance facilities are available to account/non-account holders as the bank has a correspondent-banking network(Commerz Bank AG Frankfurt, Germany, T.C. Zirat Bank, PNB London) with leading global banks. Inward/outward remittance facility is available in various currencies through SWIFT and Western Union. Special facility for INR remittances is available for the Indian community in Afghanistan through a special tie-up with a leading public sector bank in India i.e.  

Bank of India and Leading Private Sector Bank-HDFC.  


  • Strategic location in central business district & other Provinces.
  • Having its own Head office five story Building at prestigious location in Kabul
  • Network of 66 branches in Kabul (27) & various provinces (39).
  • Unmatched physical infrastructure with ample parking space
  • State-of-the-art security, technology and communication systems
  • Paid-up capital of USD 42.5 million against the central bank stipulated level of USD 5 million.
  • Safe and Secure remittance facilities across the globe through SWIFT and Western Union+ Special facility of Indian Rupees transfers.
  • Core Banking: Any Branch Banking.
  • Internet Banking.
  • Mobile/SMS Banking
  • ATMs  
  • Biometric System ( Coming soon)

Correspondent Network

  • Commerz Bank, AG Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Standard Chartered Bank, Kabul
  • T.C.Zirat Bank, Turkey
  • Bank of India, India
  • HDFC Bank, India
  • PNB International ltd, London.

                                           Operations Team

  •   Well-trained 1350+ member team with good experience in central, commercial banking.
  •   Enthusiastic, computer-savvy & young employees (average age 28)

Our Auditors



Products and Services

                                        CBS: Core Banking Solution – Any Branch Banking

  • Savings/ Current/ Term  Deposits in Afghani, USD Euro & GBP
  • Money exchange services.
  • Collection of Cheques, Instruments, Bills, Documents.
  • Issuance of Pay order / Cash order / Bankers’ cheque.
  • Local and international remittance facilities.
  • Fund-based (Term/Working capital Loans) and Non-fund based facilities e.g. Letters of Credit and Financial/Performance Guarantees for Trade and Industry.
  • Fast and Easy transfer of funds through Western Union Money Transfer Services.
  • Speed Remittance facility to remit in Indian Rupees to any Bank A/C in India.
  • SWIFT remittance facility.
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile/SMS Banking
  • ATMs 
  • Biometric System ( Coming soon)

Special Features

  • No account opening charges
  • No account maintenance charges
  • Free passbook/statement of account
  • Free collection of local cheques
  • Zero Balance Salary Accounts
  • No charges for deposit/ withdrawal of Foreign  Currency
  • Nominal Remittances charges
  • Free ATM Card

Our motto is not merely customer satisfaction but “customer delight”

Address    :  Head Office & Main Branch, Zanbaq Square, Main Road, Kabul

Telephone:  Digital: 2104470-72; Mobile: 0799 –700900,

E-Mail      :,;

Websites   :;  

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