August 15, 2018

Avalanche kills 12 people in Badakhshan

By Khaama Press - Sun Feb 22 2015, 12:42 pm

00badakhshanTwelve persons have lost their lives due to avalanche fall in northeastern Badakhshan Province.

Ahmad Naweed Firotan, Spokesman for the governor of Badakhshan province told Khaama Press on Sunday that the incident took place in Raghistan District last night .

He said twelve persons were killed and two others wounded in the incident.

“Eight houses were also destroyed in Raghistan District due to heavy snow fall”, he added.

“Four houses were also destroyed in Yawan District but there was no loss of live”, Firotan said.

Governor’s spokesman also said that they have delivered emergency assistance to some of the areas heavy hit by snow.

He added that they are working on delivering emergency assistance to Yawan District.

It is snowing heavy in Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan during winter.

Dozens of people loss live in snow-related incidents in Badakhshan Province during winter seasons.

40 people died only in Shekay District of Badakhshan in 2012 due to heavy snow fall.

Dozens of homes are also destroyed in snow-hit areas, their domestic animals die and people suffer other financial loses.

Some of the Districts roads are also blocked due to heavy snow fall in Badakhshan during winter.

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