Lamborghini recently unveiled a new model of its vehicle Sián Roadster, a one of its kind to experience the roofless cruise.

It is exactly the convertible shape of Sián hybrid hypercar. The power in this new model is a combination of v12 engine that can create up to 819 horsepower compared to Ferrari LaFerrari which is equipped with 789 Hp, but both vehicles can reach to the 350Km/h speed except the Lamborghini Sián Roadster gets quicker acceleration speed at a ratio of 0.1 than the Ferrari LaFerrari.

19 examples of such vehicle were released and sold by the Lamborghini automobile firm, none of the purchase prices were made public.

The unique design of its category is estimated to cost about 2.4 million dollars. Lamborghini claims removing the top of Sian did not have any effect on its speed and performance, instead, the vehicle was designed for faster and reliable acceleration.


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