Tuesday 03 August, 2021
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Posted By: Thomas H Johnson
Thomas H Johnson

Thomas H. Johnson (@THjohnsonNPS, [email protected]) is a Research Professor and faculty member of the National Security Affairs Department at the Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, California, USA) as well the Director of NPS’s Program for Culture & Conflict Studies. He is also a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Afghanistan’s Institute for Strategic Studies (AISS). For three decades, Professor Johnson has conducted research and written on Afghanistan and South Asia and he has published research on every Afghan Election since 2004 in leading scholarly journals He is a member of the Afghanistan Editorial Board of the National Security Archives. His edited a volume on COIN, Culture and Conflict was published by Stanford University Press in 2014. His most recent book, Taliban Narratives: The Uses and Power of Stories in the Afghanistan Conflict was co-published by Oxford University Press and Hurst Publishers (London) in 2018: http://www.hurstpublishers.com/book/taliban-narratives/

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