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Attorney General Office Sets 48-hour Deadline for IEC

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
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The Attorney General’s Office Sunday set a 48-hour deadline for the Independent Election Commission to allow investigations on invalid votes

In case the IEC does not let the Attorney General’s Office to carry out probes on invalid votes, officials in the IEC will be suspended based on article 50 of government employees law.

On the other hand, the election commission calls for more elaboration about the comment made by the Attorney General’s Office.

“If they don’t respond in 48 hours, we will start suspending some officials in the IEC according to the article 50 of the government employees law,” said Deputy Attorney General, Rahmatullah Nazari.

We have received more than thirty complaints against Independent Election Commission, Attorney General Office said.

“This has turned suspicion into reality that there are some series of corruption and misuse going in which a number of IEC officials are involved,” said Mr Nazari.

But the spokesman for IEC, Noor Mohammad Noor said the Attorney General’s Office should make its demands clear.

Mr Noor said: “No law that is enforced in Afghanistan allows Attorney General’s Office to meddle in electoral affairs, but if it prosecutes a crime the IEC will cooperate.”

“We will wait and see what kind of threat the Attorney General’s Office will pose to IEC after “the 48-hour deadline” that has been announced through the media,” he added.

It is said that review of fraud cases will take a month’s time and it’s expected that the final results of parliamentary elections will be postponed.

It has been days that some Afghan candidates and law makers are protesting against IEC accusing the organisation of widespread corruption.

The protesters have called the elections illegitimate and urged for a new election.

They have warned to continue protesting on the streets, if their demands are not considered.

Source: Tolo News

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