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Attacked by Drone, Survived by Courage

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On International Human Rights Day: 10 December

 By:Ravi Nitesh,India

Afghanistan is facing the difficulties and the whole world see the smokes and soils of this land on its television sets. These smokes are result of ‘Drones’ , a plane that is in use by external security agencies on the land of Afghanistan. In fact, it is the land that is very much affected by global power games. Many individuals and organizations are still unable to accept the logic behind all these drone attacks.

On the name of protection of human life and human rights, thousands of innocent Afghans have been killed (and still it is on). One is always unable to understand that how can some children become threat for humanity? And if they are not, then how can they have been killed on the name of protection and abolition of terrorism?  It is only global perspective that defines terrorism in some particular way;  however the act is same. Death is death. Every act that is responsible for loosing a life (through unnatural ways) is crime and this crime becomes severe when this act takes an innocent life. Life is precious and non renewable and thus no one has right to take a life.

Now, apart from this, it must be criticized that a country is trying to become guardian of the another one that is thousands of kilometers away in distance. Either it is due to some loopholes in UN charter through which it can get a valid license to kill in the veil of security cover and on the name of combating terrorism, or it was the reason of capturing the continents or expanding hegemony through trade and war. In view of strategic benefits. Afghanistan play an important role as it is very well connected , geographically located among countries of different interests and different culture. Afghanistan is a important part of South Asia and being an important nation in South Asian region, it is not much difficult for Afghanistan to make ways for stabilizing this war processes if SAARC also put efforts to extend its support and coordination in more fruitful way to protect the life and integrity of Afghanistan.

There are lot of things that can be done there to support the people, but it also must be noted that this support should not be a trade with a policy of give and take, instead it must come from the side of SAARC region and should deal with combating the challenges of people in Afghanistan. Apart from its support towards infrastructure building, education, medical facilities and other basic things, this support must go towards raising the voice for peace in this region, to find solutions, to deal with human rights protection and to search the ways to reduce the deployment of foreign military from there. Here, it must be praised that in spite of torturous act of foreign military and drone attacks people are surviving there. People are surviving there on the basis of faith upon themselves, courage and hope that justice and peace will come.

Situation of Afghanistan must not be taken as granted. It must be believed that this land is too fertile in giving output in all sectors of development, peace, culture. These output may come through small scale industries, developing educational institutes, research centers, traditional and cultural centers of learning and many others. Only politics of war against terrorism must not be a single entity to survive as this war pushed life of people backward and the only thing that is on front is guns and bullets.

Solutions are there, only thing that is needed is to look towards that and courage to start and work towards the change. It will need positive efforts from all sides. Apart from demilitarization, extremism should also lose its powers, common people must be in rising mode, women empowerment and education must be preferred sectors of development. In view of globalization and western modernity , development works can be accepted but traditional and cultural heritage and values must be protected. Media of Afghanistan and also of other countries, specially of SAARC region ,should also play the role to frame the Afghanistan based programs that can show its tradition, culture. Development etc. Positive voice and works must be promoted through media and a chance must be given to all those who want to change their imposed identity.

We all must believe that our neighbor country has every capability to rise as a nation, with the power and creativity of its people and with the positive, selfless and honest support from its neighbors.

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