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9 wounded as standoff underway near Indian consulate in Mazar

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attack on Indian consulate in MazarA group of armed men attempted to launch coordinated attack on Indian consulate in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital city of northern Balkh province.

The local officials have confirmed that a group of armed men have taken position inside a house and are opening fire on the consulate building.

Numerous explosions have been heard from the incident area located in the vicinity of 4th police district of Mazar city.

Provincial governor spokesman Munir Ahmad Farhad confirmed that five policemen and four civilians have sustained injuries as Afghan security forces continue to their clearing operations.

He said at least two of the assailants have been shot dead by the Afghan security forces and the remaining militants still resist the security forces by taking position inside the building.

Earlier reports suggested at least seven people including policemen have sustained injuries as standoff is still underway with the Afghan security forces.

A local security official said the gunmen are armed with assault rifles as well as rocket launchers and hand grenades and are resisting the Afghan security forces.

No group including the Taliban militant group has so far claimed responsibility behind the incident.

Balkh is among the relatively peaceful provinces in northern Afghanistan where fewer terrorist related incidents are reported.

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  1. samo samo
    – The ISI terrorism will never stop unless US does not teach this nest of infected germs of inhumanity a good lesson. It is time that west must take decisive action to destroy all nests of ISI terrorism and once this nest is destroyed, the world will be happy and safe. catering and pimping for international terrorism is a business for ISI. It long overdue that US must destroy this terror sanctuary. US owes it to all US soldiers killed by ISI mercenaries and proxies in Afghanistan.


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