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Atmar demands immediate steps to counter sexual misconduct in Presidential Palace, other Afghan institutions

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President Mohammad Haneef Atmar has demanded immediate steps to counter sexual misconduct in the Presidential Palace and other governmental institutions.

The electoral office of Haneef Atmar in a statement said the government must immediately launch credible investigations into the alleged sexual misconduct in the Presidential Palace and other high-level governmental institutions.

The statement further added that recent reports by local and international media outlets have sparked concerns in the society regarding the persistent sexual misconduct in the governmental institutions.

Furthermore, the electoral office of Atmar expressed regrets that the government has remained short to act against the issue despite a long time has passed since the first report was published in this regard.

Meanwhile, the electoral team of Peace and Moderation said it strongly condemns the persistent sexual misconduct, calling it a heinous phenomenon and demand the formation of an independent investigative group to launch a probe in to the issue.

The statement also added that independent institutions should investigate the issue considering that some senior government officials are involved in sexual misconduct.

In the meantime, the electoral office of Peace and Moderation said the leakage of reports regarding sexual misconduct victimizes those who long campaigned and have suffered from discrimination to make enormous progress in the past 18 years to gain their human and civil rights.

However, the statement added that the lack of actions by government could endanger its achievements considering that the government of national unity has consistently been raising the slogans of empowering women and youth.

Sexual misconduct allegations

Former senior presidential adviser Gen. Habibullah Ahmadzai had earlier claimed that a specific circle in ARG Presidential Palace seek sexual favors in exchange for a governmental seat.

He had leveled the allegation during an exclusive interview with a local television network, Khurshid TV.

Ahmadzai also claimed that widespread corruption exists inside Presidential Palace.

He also added that certain individuals prevent others to serve the country.

Meanwhile, the British Broadcasting Corporation recently published a report regarding the alleged sexual misconduct in the Afghan government.

The report also contained the accounts and interviews of several women who were victimized by senior officials in the government.

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