ata mohammad noorAta Mohammad Noor, the governor of northern Balkh province of Afghanistan and a close ally of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said Thursday that the election results are unacceptable.

Noor also warned that widespread anti-fraud movements will be organized to protest against the massive fraud in presidential election.

He said his supporters will take part in green and orange movements, which apparently refers to civil movements and violent protests if their demands were not met.

Noor accused the presidential palace, Dr. Ashraf Ghani’s team and the Independent Election Commission for being involved in electoral fraud.

This comes as Dr. Abdullah earlier this week said that his team will not accept the election results claiming that the vote audit and invalidation process was not fairly conducted.

Abdullah said the political process of the presidential election had entered a deadlock.

The remarks by Dr. Abdullah was followed after negotiations between the two candidates over nationa unity government failed on Monday.