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Asian-American societies call on Congress to pass Afghan Adjustment Act

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The Asian American Societies of Central Virginia in a letter to the Congress, support the Afghan Adjustment Act and urge the Biden Administration to pass it before the year end.

“We, the Asian-American Society of Central Virginia (AASoCV), a 25-year-old Non-Profit Organization that consists of 19 Asian communities, are writing  to you in support of the Afghan Adjustment Act”, said the letter addressing the U.S Congress.

“As Asian-Americans, we highly value the contributions made by the over 70K evacuated Afghan nationals to the country’s diversity and pluralist community. They have also had enormous contribution in the country’s workforce and economy which is indeed admirable”, Julie Laghi, the Asian American Society of Central Virginia chair said.

According to Julie, Afghan Adjustment Act is a short path towards permanent residency for the Afghan evacuees whose parole visas are going to expire in mid 2023.

Eventually, the United States Administration would have to think of helping these large number of refugees who all have been evacuated by the U.S government and welcomed in the United States through providing a short-term and quicker pathway for providing them long-term stay opportunities, Julie added.

We believe that the proposed Afghan Adjustment Act introduced in August is a wise and logical solution and would help the USCIS if passed before end of the year, she said.

The Asian-American Society of Central Virginia (AASOCV) is a 25-year-old non profit organization consist of communities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Philippine, India, Indonesia, Korea, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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  1. The Biden Administration must now take these advocacies very serious and respond positively to all these calls. In the last 8 weeks, the US veterans, large enterprises and employers, Asian-American societies, many other organizations and influential individuals including members of the National Assembly have showed their endorsement and supports to the Afghan Adjustment Act.

    The US government are responsible for the over 70K Afghan allies who have been evacuated following the collapse of the country into the hands of terrorists that can simply kill and execute anyone and at anytime.

    Afghans are hard working and so good to contribute to the country’s economic development and prosperity.

    Readers! Let’s all of us widely share such positive stories on our social media accounts and also share them with our network through text messaging, WhatsApp or Viber. Thank you.


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