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Khaama Press is a Kabul-based independent and non-political news organization established in 2010.

Asia Express Travel and tours is the youngest among travel and tour operators it has a Branch in Pakistan and also having Affiliations around the world. We at Asia Express strive to provide quality services, timely responses, convenient routes, better fares and above all 24/7/30 call centre support.

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Asia Express Travel and Tours is registered with Ministry of Culture & tourism Afghanistan under Lic. # 67. and with Department of Tourist Services Government of Pakistan under Lic # PR-2926. We are also the members of Afghanistan Travel Agents Association (ATAA)

In Afghanistan having its office in the basement of Central Hotel while we have got a little bigger office in Pakistan to backup Afghanistan office in terms of getting better fares, keeping in touch with Airline offices and getting solutions faster than any other operator in the region.

Asia Express outstanding success is firmly rooted in its total commitment to providing innovative services and the highest quality customer relation keeping in view total satisfaction and superb value for money for its customers.

Our personal passion for travel has led us on a never ending quest to search out the most exciting and interesting places on the planet, ensuring the best leisure trip with minimum expenditures.

Offering personalized itineraries, routes and multilingual guides, our main aim is to create the best trips possible, with uncommon professionalism, unsurpassed personal service and a commitment to protect and preserve the cultures and environments through which we travel.

We are prompt in our replies to your queries and this has earned us a reputation as one of the best and most efficient travel and tour operators in Afghanistan by both our clients and our overseas partners.

The company is run and managed by a team of qualified professionals having years of experience in handling travel itineraries and tourists from all around the world.

Endeavor to expand the tourism potential of Afghanistan and strive to excel in providing optimum value travel services to the travelers and to excel in tourism related services backed by efficient and effective planning while seeking to enlarge their scope and dimension.
To see Asia Express has become a standard and aspires to be seen as the benchmark against which others are judged.

You can rely on us for your visits and we rely on experience.
Someone has said- “Attitude determines”. Changed with a positive attitude thus Asia Express has been moving ahead surely and steadily creating new opportunities for the traveler and earning a name for itself in the market. Beginning on a modest scale in 2006, from 380 tourists, today its activities encompass the entire spectrum of tourism operations recording around 40% annual growth. The company has been successful in creating a niche for itself in the market.

Right form the basic planning to execution, professionalized and yet most personalized services, from ticketing to cars & coaches, stay in hotels and receiving and seeing-off at the airports.

The Something Special range of luxurious, hand picked holidays with 3, 4 and 5 star properties and a special range of travel benefits is another example of Asia Express Travel’s ability to react and cater to consumers’ ever changing holiday requirements.

Asia Express Direct is another of Asia Express Travel’s innovative strategies to move with the times. A dedicated Call Centre, Asia Express Direct has professional staff members who, between them, have a broad area of expertise and a fount of local knowledge. Asia Express Direct offers an after hours and weekend telephone service and helpline, ideal for the busy working consumer.

Asia Express Travel has achieved more than brand leader status within the area and the travel industry, proving to be a highly innovative, flexible, market led operation, which has never lost its personal touch and approach. The ability to adapt to changing trends and the company’s simple yet effective business philosophy is at the very heart of the Asia Express Travel ideology that seems certain to drive the company to even greater success.

Asia Express has created the only truly integrated service net in Asia, where the lines between front and back offices have subtly been blurred by database management, and full use is made of information technology. Online access via the web with instant confirmations of reservations and rates for hotel bookings and package tours was introduced, followed by an XML platform allowing selected partners direct access to Asia Express’ database which was introduced in mid 2007.

An efficient team of motivated and experienced managers who know their individual terrain extremely well work in harmony towards the same goal. All are continuously scouting for innovative products and are in daily contact with each other, sharing ideas and information. Training programs are coordinated throughout the network to ensure that quality is maintained at a consistent level everywhere and at all times.

Our Motto “WE CARE “

Guaranteed lowest fares
Professional Agents with extensive experience in all phases of corporate travel planning.
Computerized Airline Reservation Systems with Focal Point.
Up to date car and hotel, Masters programs providing “last minute” availability
Choice of customary paper ticket or new ticket less “E-Ticket”.
Individual profile sheets for expedited service.
Enrollment assistance with the airline Frequent Flyer Points.
Corporate plans for hotel and car discounts.
Ticket Delivery.
Full refund policy on cancellations (Subject to Airline Regulations)
Extended hours of operation, 24 hour answering capability.
Corporate travel reports.
Business class, 1st class travelers, free limousine on Emirates departures and arrivals.

Contact Us

Address: Ansari Suare, Kulola Pushta, Kabul Afghanistan

Phone: 0786 606 675, 0700 668 967 , 0707 116 655



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