US secretary of state Antonio Blinken has exposed his conversations with former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani and said that he had promised with him to be fighting the Taliban to his death.

Antonio Blinken in his recent interview with CBS said that he had pressurized Ashraf Ghani to hand on power to the Taliban and let a new government be shaped that will be led by the group.

“I talked with Ashraf Ghani on the telephone and he endorsed that a new government will be shaped led by the Taliban. We wanted an all-inclusive government in Afghanistan. Ashraf Ghani accepted that but the next day he fled Afghanistan.” Said Blinken.

Earlier, US former special envoy to Afghanistan’s reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad had accused Ashraf Ghani of obstinacy and selfishness and had added that he and his closest allies were the reasons behind Afghanistan’s collapse.

Khalilzad had also said that the absence of willingness of Afghan security forces to fight the Taliban caused the collapse of the government.