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Ashraf Ghani: Lasting government in Afghanistan needs national legitimization


Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said that conflicts have ended in Afghanistan but the country has not reached peace and stability that needs internal dialogue and negotiations.

The former President who fled Afghanistan on August 15 added, Afghanistan will turn into a battlefield of other fights and a colony of humanitarian assistance.

Speaking in a voice message on the occasion of Nowruz (New Solar Year) Ashraf Ghani has offered five points as agenda for the start of “national discussion.”

  1. Afghanistan should not turn a colony of humanitarian aid and the assistance should be arranged well.
  2. Crisis in Europe has distracted the world from Afghanistan so the Afghan people should do initiatives by themselves. Afghans have natural assets based on which they can reach prosperity.
  3. Afghans should accept each other for a dignified in the country as conflicts have ended but peace has not been restored yet. Containing another war will be difficult and a few people cannot rule a country.
  4. Through national consensus, the Afghans should choose a government that is lasting and national legitimization is key for such a government. Regional and global and legitimization cannot be achieved without national one.
  5. Afghanistan should assist and take part in large regional economic projects but should remain impartial.

This comes as the de facto authorities in Kabul have been saying that they have no issue when it comes to national legitimization as people across the country help them (the Taliban) achieve victory.



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