According to the officials of the Department of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock in Badakhshan province, Hing’s harvest in this province has reached more than 35 tons.

Sayed Moinuddin Aini, Badakhshan’s director of agriculture, stated on Wednesday, that (Asafoetida) commonly known as Hing plant grows wild and natural in the province, the yield of the plant has risen higher than before.

Aini added that the Ministry of Agriculture is also involved in the development of Hing, and last year it planted and irrigated about 259 hectares of land in the Darem and Tishkan Hing districts of Badakhshan.

Hing is a medicinal plant that grows wild in most high mountainous districts of Badakhshan, and no detailed survey has been conducted on this wild plant in the region,

The Plant is a good source for Antioxidants, digestion, Irritable bowel syndrome, the plant is also considered to be antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, helps in low blood pressures, Anticancer effects (mostly helps reduce risks of breast and liver cancers), protect brain health, help ease asthma symptoms, and help lower blood sugar levels.

Due to lack of evidence, it is reportedly not recommended for pregnant women.


  • Mohammad Haroon Alim holds a BBA degree from Kardan University. He works as a sub-editor for Khaama Press.