The security forces have arrested a number of individuals after the Ministry of Interior released a list of criminals containing 222 names who are under the pursuit of the security institutions in connection to various criminal charges.

MoI officials are saying that the security forces have arrested at least eight of the individuals since last evening.

The officials further added that the suspects have been rounded up by the detective and security forces with the support of the residents of the city.

In the meantime, Najib Danish, a spokesman for the Ministry of Interior has said that the ministry will release further lists of criminals in the near future.

In a statement posted online, Danish has said the future lists would contain names of influential figures with governmental and political ties as well as those who are using the government facilities to disrupt the security.

Danish has also warned that the police forces would block the bank accounts of the suspected criminals and bar their family members from leaving the country if they did not clear their cases with the government.