February 09, 2018

Armed clashes reported in Afghan capital Kabul

By Sajad - Mon Nov 05 2012, 2:17 pm

Unconfirmed reports suggest armed clashes at the fourth district of capital Kabul on Monday afternoon.

The clashes have been reported in Deh-Kepak at Badam Bagh area and eyewitnesses and local residents in the area said that firing possibly sparked after security guards of an Afghan lawmakers clashed with the Afghan security forces.

The main reason behind the clashes are not known yet and Afghan security officials have not comment in this regard so far.

In the meantime Gen. Mohammad Zahir chief of the counter-criminal investigation department in Kabul security commandment said the incident took place after a number of armed robbers clashed with the Afghan police forces in Badam Bagh area.

Gen. Zahir further added Afghan police force have arrested the armed robbers are currently under the investigation.

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  1. the main problem of Afghanistan security instability is that there is law enforcement, (it is jungle law) a MP guards fire on Police and Security Forces, Warlords Warlords Warlords, Government must punish the guards and the police officer because of their armed clashes in public, 

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