ARG (2)The ARG Presidential Palace confirmed Taliban Supreme Leader Mullah Akhtar Mansoor was targeted in a drone strike carried out by the US forces.

According to a statement by the Palace, Mullah Mansoor repeatedly rejected the Afghan government and people’s request to end peacefully end the war in the country.

Mullah Mansoor sought refuge in the stranger’s soil and was repeatedly committing deception, concealing facts, killing innocent people and terrorizing people as well as smuggling drugs and preventing Afghanistan to gain development by emphasizing on continued war in the country, the Palace said.

It also added that the supporters of Mullah Mansoor were sparing no efforts in committing atrocities against the noble and Muslim people of Afghanistan.

According to ARG Palace, the Afghan government has started investigations to confirm the fate of Mullah Mansoor and will announce the results of its findings as soon as possible.

The airstrike targeting Mullah Mansoor shows that the terrorists are not safe anywhere, the statement said, adding that the Afghan security forces remains committed to defend from the Afghan soil and the Afghan people.

The Palace also added that Mullah Mansoor’s death will open doors for new opportunities for the Taliban groups willing to renounce violence, abandon the strangers soil and return to the country by joinig peace.

Reiterating the Afghan government and Afghan people’s call to join peace process, the Palace said the Afghan security forces will always remain committed to defend the country and the constitution of Afghanistan against those who are imposing war on Afghan people for the interest of the outsiders.