Apple in iOS 15.2 is making it easier for your loved ones to access your personal data in the event of your death with the addition of a Legacy Contact feature.

A person set as your Legacy Contact gets a special code that can be provided to Apple alongside a death certificate to unlock your device.

The Legacy Contact that you set will have access to your messages, photos, notes, and other sensitive data, plus the ability to remove Activation Lock from your devices, so it is an opt-in feature and should be reserved for your most trusted contact.

iOS 15.2 is available in a beta capacity at the current time, but it will launch to the public later this fall.

To activate Digital Legacy Apple You still need a death certificate and access key. Currently, Apple has no provision for retrieving data from deceased acquaintances due to its basic principle of protecting user privacy.

But everyone who opposes the company by not allowing access to their loved ones’ data after death wants to avoid it. Let’s see how to set up legacy contacts.