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Anti-Islam film protest sparked in Kabul, 50 police injured

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Heavy clashes were reported between Afghan police forces and angry protesters in capital Kabul on Monday. The incident took place in Pul-e-Charkhi area after dozens of angry protesters demonstrated against the Anti-Islam film.

Afghan interior ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqi confirmed the report however he said the exact number of casualties as a result of the incident is not clear.

Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqi urged Afghan people to prevent further violence.

In the meantime an Afghan security official said around 50 Afghan police forces were injured following the clashes.

Deputy Afghan interior ministry spokesman Najeebullah Nikzad said Kabul police chief Gen. Mohammad Ayoub Salangi was also slightly injured and is in a stable condition.

Mr. Nikzad cofnirmed that at least 15 Afghan police forces were injured during the clashes after a group of protesters attacked Afghan police forces setting an Afghan police check post and Ranger vehicle on fire, three police officers are in a critical condition.

Also commander of the Rapid Reaction Forces Gen. Fahim Qaim said protesters also burnt a number of containers and vehicle tyres. He urged local elders to assist Afghan security forces to prevent further violence and misuse in demonstrations.

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  1. Israel implores us to attack Iran; then an American movie so enraged Muslims that they attacked us. Wow, that’s clever work even by Netanyahu standards. The Jewish deniers doth protest too much. No way did the usual suspects (Israel, AIPAC, Mossad, Jewish money) not make this happen.

  2. Since Imperial Rome, Jews have repeatedly brought the wrath of their neighbors down upon themselves with disastrous consequences. “Never again” is lost on today’s Israel. Blind to history, Netanyahu’s malevolent behavior ensures “again” on a far grander scale. We must protect American interests and accept the inevitable repetition, accept justice.

  3. in my view , this Anti ISLam FIlm , is not some thing new, when afghans accept democracy they shuld accept the on coming climes and films or what ever else . coz democracy is not only freedom of speach it is freedom of every thing
    when u want right, then it has side effects aswell, and iam one of the people who need to watch over these demos , i say , nun of protesters wore some one who be intiliginent , or older all of them was young boys , if u stop ask them how many years took for mohamad completting Quran they will not be able to answer u , this was all just a politiction and i am realy sorry them , we must be stong and try to build our country not to waist our time and our life in usless things,

  4. What these terrorists don’t understand is that they are showing the entire world a face of Islam that reflects on it’s nations as a whole and it is not a pretty picture of tolerance. How about if America pulls ALL of its support for any country that harms diplomats or any US citizen! And I mean all support, financial, education, health and TRADE! Respect is earned and not just given because you Demand it! You want an apology from us over this, Fine here it is: We are sorry that a stupid film maker with zero experience created a cartoon of a film that seems to of offended thousands of people around the world who have no tolerance for freedom of speech or religious tolerance. We are sorry that the USA has continued to pour millions of it’s country’s money into helping to get your countries out of the dark ages, we were wrong in trying to help you and again we are sorry. We are also sorry for trying to help you in creating safe and healthy places for your children to grow up and trying to educate them it was a mistake on our part that we actually thought you wanted a better life for your own children than you have had in the last 1000 years, our mistake.

  5. I have to call the fatwa on this moral malarchy. The Holy Prophet would not care about a Youtube video that nobody watched when 20,000 Syrians have been killed at the hands of Assad. Where is the moral outrage for the murdered Syrians created in the image of God?These protesters project onto our US government that it is like any other Arab government in the Arab world where free speech is controlled by the government. This contradicts our founding principles of freedom of conscience and expression.Why is Egypt behind China? When 50 years ago it was leaving China in the economic dust? The Arabs did it to themselves. They, for whatever psychological reasons, relied on Islam to solve their economic and societal problems. These protests are stoked up by religous zealots whom never studied or even read the Holy Qu’ran and have no idea on how to improve Arab society and economic wealth of the Arab peoples.


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