The demonstrations over lack of water began in Khuzestan province eleven days ago and spread to the Iranian capital, Tehran on Monday.

Iranian protestors who gathered in Islamic Republic Avenue chanted their anti-government Slogans in the city’s biggest protest in the past 18 months.

The protest over drought is the largest after the country witnessed several-day anti-government demonstrations in reaction to a Ukrainian plane downed by the Iranian military in June 2020.

Protestors on Monday were chanting their slogans against the country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of his practices over Iran’s wealth to arm and finance Islamist allies in Lebanon and Palestine.

The slogans of Iranian protestors included, “Death to the dictator,” “Neither for Gaza nor Lebanon, I sacrifice my life for Iran, “and “Shame on Khamenei, let go of the country”, unverified social media video show.

Officials in the Iranian capital denied the protest and said the people had gathered after a power outage in a nearby shopping center.

The protest over water shortages began in Khuzestan province on 15th July and then spread to several other provinces now to the capital, Tehran.

Iranian state media has reported at least four people to be killed during the protests but Amnesty International has accused Iranian security forces to have killed at least eight protestors in seven cities.