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Anti-fraud protests reached the eastern, central and in the capital zone provinces of Afghanistan

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Khushnood Nabizada
Khushnood Nabizada
Khushnood Nabizada is an Afghan journalist and a founding editor of Khaama Press. You may follow him on Twitter @khushnabizada and Facebook at

The residents of central Bamyan province, eastern Nangarhar and Kapisa in the capital zone marched on the streets on Friday blaming the electoral commissions for not invalidating the fraudulent votes.

The main message of the protesters was addressed to the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan demanding transparency in the vote recount process.

Abdullah Abdullah’s electoral team claims that 300K fraudulent votes have been counted by the IEC which should have been invalidated and removed from the system.

Mohammad Natiqi, a key member of the ‘Stability and Convergence’ electoral team told Khaama Press that three hundred thousand fraudulent votes have been counted in the favor of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

“The Independent Election Commission is under the influence of the government t and works for the favor of president Ghani’s electoral”, Natiqi accused IEC.

The German biometric firm, Dermalog has verified 102L votes as suspicious and fraudulent and has shared its reports with all the candidates, he said.

Farkhunda Zahra Naderi, another member of the ‘Stability and Convergence’ electoral team praised the participation of the public in the protests despite security risks.

“People with high possibility of danger and death risks broke the chains of fear of terror and tyranny by walking in Kabul streets last Friday to raise their voice in support of democracy and real votes of people against fraud, ghost voters and dictatorship.”, Naderi said.

The demonstration in Kabul opened a new phase and chapter in Afghanistan’s democracy at the peak of political struggles and security uncertainties, she said.

Naderi criticized the national and international media for not widely covering the demonstrations.

“Now this waves passionately spread in various provinces from Baghlan to Jozjan from Panjshir to Ghor and from Sari pul to Jalolabad to waken people to stand and defend their real votes which must determine their upcoming future and the future of their children, unfortunately the media coverage for these widespread and continuous demonstration is not reasonable and not widely reflected in national media and the international media seems to be more quite about these common global values of democracy at the core of terror in Afghanistan.”, Naderi claimed.

Naderi calls on the media to reflect the protests as a responsibility and to support the peaceful demonstrations.

“I call on all the national and international media to pay attention to their responsibilities during this important time by supporting the peaceful movement of our people the way they have been supporting them for the last 18 years.”, she said.

This comes as that the results for Afghanistan’s presidential election held on Sep 28 has not been announced yet, despite the Election commission had earlier promised to announce it 20 days after the election day.

Dozens of video clips, audio records and photos indicating widespread election frauds went viral on social media and newswire portals following the presidential election held on Sep 28, 2019.

Soon after the election day, the National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Mohib announced the voters number as around 3 million in the United Nations General Assembly, New York.

However, weeks after, Dermalog, a German based information system company that has provided biometric devices for the Afghanistan Election Commission, informed that the voters number were less than 2 million.

The low turnout of the Afghan presidential election voters has said to be due to security issues and lack of trust on the electoral commissions.

Following the 2018 parliamentary election, the head and commissioners of the electoral commissions of Afghanistan were jailed for the bribery and election fraud charges.

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