FarkhundaKabul police have arrested a man who is accused of having hand in the killing of Farkhunda near Shah Do Shamshera shrine of Kabul city about three weeks before.

Officials at the Ministry of Interior say that the suspect was recently arrested from Dehmazang area of third police districts.

Ministry of Interior officials had earlier said that 10 suspects of the case had escaped who are being chased.

48 arrests were already made and their cases referred to judiciary for indictment.

Farkhunda, 27, an Afghan helpless girl was brutally beaten to death by angry mob and her body was set ablaze during day light in capital Kabul.

She was wrongfully accused of burning a copy of the holy Quran but a committee set up by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that Farkhunda was “innocent” and she had not burned the holy Quran.

The cruel act prompted demonstrations across the country by thousands of civilians who asked severe punishment for the culprits.

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah and High Court have promised that justice will be applied.