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Angelina Jolie to donate ‘The Breadwinner’ film profits to educating Afghan girls

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Angelina Jolie donate film profits to Afghan girls educationThe American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian, Angelina will donate all the proceeds from her work on the film ‘The Breadwinner’ to the education of Afghan girls.

Angelina has visited Afghanistan twice during the recent years and funds a girls school in north of Kabul through profits from her jewellery collection.

She is regularly visiting areas of conflict around the world as part of her role as a special envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

“Angelina read the script, looked at the artwork with her children, and really loved the approach we were taking. I think she involves her children in lots of her decisions and certainly shows them things that are of interest to them. They helped her to make the decision to be involved in the project. It’s the kind of film that they like,” Irish filmmaker Nora Twomey who is making her solo directorial debut with the film told the UAE based The National newspaper.

Twomey further added “It’s a great challenge for us in the studio to try to tell a really simple, strong, profound story from this part of the world, which you hear about a lot in the news.”

“Angelina is so knowledgeable about Afghanistan and other areas of conflict, and she really means it – it’s something that she thinks deeply about and understands the complexities of,” says Twomey. “She has a very sensitive view of what its like to live there. Having help on the story from somebody who really understands the subject matter has been priceless. And having a fellow filmmaker to talk to about the artistic elements of the film has been fantastic,” Twomey added.

According to Twomey, Angelina was adamant to find as many cast as we could from the Afghani community in Canada, where the recording the voices being made.

With plans to release the film in Dari and Pashto, the most widely spoken languages in Afghanistan, ‘The Breadwinner’ tells the story of a headstrong young girl living under the Taliban in Afghanistan, who is forced to disguise herself as a boy to provide for her family.

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