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ANDSF freed captured security personnel, repelled Taliban attacks


Ministry of Defense in a released statement on Monday said eight security force members were freed from Taliban clutches in a special operation in northern Baghlan province on Sunday night.

The statement added that the rescue operation was conducted in Amarkhel village of Baghlan-e-Jadid in which captive ANDSF personnel was released.

Security sources reported to media that two security force members were killed and another was wounded during the operation but MoD did not comment on the casualties.

Taliban has not commented on the operation so far.

Meanwhile, Taliban attacks on six districts of Badakhshan were rebuffed by the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces on Sunday night.

Local officials told the media that the Taliban launched its offensive in collaboration with foreign “terrorists” in Darayim, Khash, Jurm, Yaftal-e-Payan, Warduj, and Raghistan districts of the region.

Identities of the foreign insurgents were not disclosed, but preliminary reports show that more than 10 militants were killed and wounded during the ANDSF retaliations.

There are no reports of ANDSF casualties.

Taliban did not comment on the incident.

In another security report, a Hanzala known as “Mukhles” key and dangerous Taliban commander was killed in Dawlatabad district of Balkh province.

But military’s 209th Shaheen corps reported that the key Taliban member was captured at around  2:15 pm local time on Sunday.

On the other hand, the key Taliban affiliate had been on the wanted list of the government forces and was eventually killed along with seven others during the operation.

Some of the Taliban weapons and ammunition were also destroyed during the operation, reports indicated.

Moreover, Tribal elders of Dur Baba district in Nangarhar province decided that from now on no one will be able to accommodate insurgent groups in the area.

Local officials in Nangarhar said the tribal elders have warned every of not giving shelters to insurgents in their home if such happens the culprits’ houses will be burnt and the family will be fined up to one million Afghanis.

Security sources on Monday told media, that Taliban attacks on Laghman’s capitial “Mehtarlam” was rebuffed.

More than 110 ANDSF personnel were detained because of neglect and dereliction of duty in Laghman province, which led to the collapse of some districts, reports indicated.

This comes as the Ministry of Defense stated that government forces launched military operations in 11 provinces across Afghanistan in which the Taliban suffered heavy casualties.



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