The former Afghan intelligence chief and the head of Afghanistan Green Trend Amrullah Saleh declared his support to chief executive Abdullah Abdullah a day after the Jamiat-e-Islami chief exeucutive Ata Mohammad Noor harshly criticized him (Abdullah) over the unity government’s decision to sideline him as the Balkh governor.

Saleh in a statement said the Afghanistan Green Trend supported Abdullah during the controversial 2014 presidential elections, insisting that Abdullah’s electoral team had mobilized support from four corners of the country and any abandoning of support by certain dignitaries will not affect the role of Abdullah and chief executive office in the unity government.

The ex-intelligence chief was apparently pointing towards the harsh remarks of Ata Mohammad Noor which he delivered against the government and chief executive Abdullah during a gathering in Balkh province.

Noor called Abdullh a growing snake up in his own sleeves and accused him of conspiring against the Jamiat-e-Islami, emphasizing that the party was wrong and had taken Abdullah in mistake by supporting him in the elections.

In the meantime, Saleh said an understanding exists on the national and international level that the unity government must complete it term despite it was formed based on understanding between the two electoral teams after the elections were marred by massive fraud.

According to Saleh, the elections had put the country on the brink of a crisis and there was no option available other than the formation of the unity government.


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