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Amnesty urges France to ease visas for Afghan women and girls


Amnesty International has called on the French government to facilitate the issuance of visas for Afghan women and girls by launching a campaign.

So far, more than 4,500 people have requested France to grant Afghan women and girls the opportunity to come to this country by signing this petition.

Amnesty International launched an online petition collection campaign to support this request on September 12, and as of Monday, 4,656 people have signed it.

Last week, the International Amnesty Office held a program in Paris to support this campaign.

The text of this petition states that the Taliban are systematically, extensively, and organized, harassing and mistreating women and girls. According to Amnesty International’s legal analysis, the behaviour of this group could constitute “crimes against humanity.”

This global human rights organization has highlighted that women
escaping Taliban harassment and mistreatment, seeking refuge in neighbouring countries such as Iran and Pakistan, often encounter additional abuse in these nations.

Amnesty International has provided instances where local authorities have arbitrarily detained these women in Iran and Pakistan, exposing them to the grave risk of being forcibly returned to Afghanistan.

The organization has observed that French visas for Afghan women and girls facing risk are being issued sporadically, causing delays and inconsistencies in the application process. Additionally, the response time from the French consulate to these requests is marked by significant delays.



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