Amnesty International’s campaigner in South Asia Samira Hamidi expressed concern over the recent torture of Afghan refugees in Iran terming the acts to be a blatant violation of human rights.

Speaking to Radio Free Afghanistan Samira Hamidi said, Iran’s border guards force Afghan refugees by guns at borders and oust them from their country.

“Reliable sources have confirmed torture and sexual harassment of Afghan refugees by border guards of Iran. The footages that show discriminatory, violent, and shocking act of Iranians towards Afghans in the country are a blatant act of violation of human rights.” Said Hamidi.

Further, she added Afghans also have issues with extending visas and payment systems.

She has called on the international community to address the issue of Afghan refugees in Iran.

Meanwhile, Iran’s embassy in Kabul in a press release said that the ongoing torture of Afghan refugees in Iran is a conspiracy to disturb bilateral relations with Afghanistan.

Video footages that have gone viral on social media show that Iranians are brutally beating Afghan refugees for no reason and some are asking for money.