The American University of Afghanistan reacted at Taliban’s video which purportedly shows the kidnapped professors of the university.

“All of us at the American University of Afghanistan –students, staff, trustees and fellow faculty — are saddened and pained by what we have seen in the video the Taliban released using our colleagues, Tim and Kevin. We call on the Taliban to release immediately and safely Kevin and Tim and all other hostages. Kevin and Tim came to Afghanistan as teachers, to help Afghanistan. These innocent people have done nothing to harm anyone and need to be reunited with their family, friends and colleagues,” according to a statement by the American University of Afghanistan.

The statement further added “Kevin and Tim, when you hear these words, know that we are with you, we support you, we care about you, and we want you home now. We hold you as part of our American University of Afghanistan family and as part of our family, we will work ceaselessly to do anything and everything in our power to help bring you home. We will not give up; we will not stop pressing all involved to do all they can. Our thoughts and prayers are with you constantly. We will not rest until you are back safely with us.”

Taliban released a 13-minute video purportedly shows the making desperate pleas for their lives.

The video is released months after reports emerged that the US forces conducted an operation to release them but achievement was made in the raid.

Officials privy of the developments have said the two professors are being kept by the Haqqani terrorist network, a notorious militant group close to the Taliban insurgents.

It is believed that the US soldier Bowe Bergdahl was also kept by the troorist network after his abduction but was subsequently released in a prisoners swap.

The Haqqani terrorist network is accused of staging numerous deadly attacks in Afghanistan including a coordinated attack on VIP protection unity in Kabul which left at least 74 people dead and over 300 others wounded.