An American rapper and songwriter, Lil Ui Vert news flow the internet, after he revealed, he had spent $24 million to implant 11 carat Pink diamond on his forehead.

He bought the diamonds from jeweler Elliot Eliantte for $24 million, Uzi shook the world with his pink diamond on his forehead when he first posted a video on the internet, he also wrote on his Instagram that “Beauty is Pain”.

Symere Bysil Woods, also known as Lil Uzi vert, American rapper, singer, and songwriter was born on July 31, 1994, in North Philadelphia,  Francisville neighborhood, United States.

He is very famous for his songs and especially for plenty of tattoos, piercings on his body, he is well known for having strange hairstyles and practicing odd fashion.

BBC reported that according to Celebrity Net Worth, he was worth an estimated $16 million but his profits kept hitting the sky between 2017 and 2018 he was reported to made $20 million from streaming his music and live shows.


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