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Amanullah Khan promoted prostitutions by encouraging girls to attend school: Minister of Higher Education

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King Amanullah Khan who is regarded as a modern and positive face in the history of Afghanistan has been recently accused of promoting prostitutions in Afghanistan during his kingdom life.

Neda Mohammad Nadim, the Afghan minister of higher education in an official statement accused King Amanullah Khan for promotion of prostitutions.

“Amanullah Khan brought the prescription of prostitutions in Afghanistan after returning from his tour of visiting western countries”, Afghan minister of higher education said.

Amanullah Khan was elaborating why women must not stay home and why should they go to school which was highly criticized by the Afghan religious scholars at that time saying it would not work as it was against our honor and against Islam, but Amanullah instead said that religious scholars are the source of corruptions and immorality, Neda Mohammad said.

This speech that has gone viral on social media has sparked anger and criticism of Afghan citizens globally. The majority of comments he has received under his Twitter posts are negative in regards to his remarks.

This comes as Amanullah Khan is respected as a public figure in the history of Afghanistan for his being modernist and supporting the rights of women for education and work.

Amanullah Khan’s spouse, Malika Suraya who for a short term served as the Minister of Information and Culture during Amanullah Khan’s kingdom used to appear in public as the First Lady and encourage Afghan women towards education and community engagement along with men.

Now, since the takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban in 2021, a number of limitations have been imposed on the Afghan women and girls.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has not been yet been recognized internationally as the world is urging it to form an inclusive government and include other political, ethnic and religious groups to the new administration.

Opening girls schools in Afghainstan and giving Afghan women the rights to work and education is the other criteria set by the international community.

On the other hand, the world is in continuous interaction with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The new administration receives at least 40m US dollars every week from the west with the coordination of the United Nations and a number of embassies and diplomatic missions are open and active in Afghanistan.

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