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Al-Qaida has grown in Afghanistan after US withdrawal: McKenzie

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Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy
Najibullah Lalzoy is a journalist and editor at Khaama Press. He has a BA degree in journalism.

US CENTCOM commander General Frank Kent McKenzie in his recent interview with AP said that terror groups like Al-Qaida have grown in Afghanistan after the US troops withdrew from Afghanistan on August 30.

The US general though warned of terror groups growing in the war-torn country, added that their speed is slow.

McKenzie said the US has less and only two percent intelligence and surveillance ability compared with the ability they used to have in Afghanistan.

He added that the surveillance of terror groups in Afghanistan has become difficult.

“Al-Qaida is striving to strengthen and widen their presence in Afghanistan. The terrorists are regularly entering Afghanistan through its borders.” Said McKenzie.

General McKenzie has also questioned the Taliban’s ability in containing the terror groups and added that they will know in the upcoming two months about the nature of the Taliban’s fight against Al-Qaida as they are busy doing intra-Taliban negotiations.

The US’s doubt over the Taliban in fighting the terror groups comes as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has previously said ISIS-K is not a threat in Afghanistan and the terror group has been dismantled in Kabul in Nangarhar province.

He further said that Al-Qaida will be able to conduct operations abroad in two years but warned that any attack on US soil will not leave unanswered.

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