Apple AirTags have been reported to showcase a new bag that keeps sending false alarms.

Apple’s AirTags has been sending out “phantom” alerts that are confusing iPhone users, according to a new Wall Street Journal report.

The AirTags, which launched last year, features anti-stalking measures that are designed to alert users when an unknown AirTag has been detected on their person over an extended period of time. The idea is to discourage AirTags from being used to track people without their consent.

Reports say that these false alerts generally occur in the middle of the night and have started popping up in recent weeks. When a person receives an unknown AirTag alert, they’re supposed to see an accompanying map that shows where and how long the AirTag was detected on their person.

These false alarms, however, are accompanied by maps depicting several straight lines radiating from a person’s location. If you’ve ever seen an unknown AirTag alert, this is highly unusual and seems to indicate a bug in the system.

It’s unclear how prevalent this particular false alert is, though this isn’t the only type of false alarm a person may experience. Several users have reported a similar experience on Reddit and other social media. Likewise, other users have reported seeing confusing alerts triggered by their AirPods — an issue that Apple addressed in a recent update to better differentiate between alerts triggered by various accessories.