December 14, 2017

Ahmad Zia Massoud claims victory for Ghani in election runoff

By Ghanizada - Wed Jun 18 2014, 11:47 am

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani AhmadzaiAhmad Zia Massoud, leader of the National Front of Afghanistan and supporter of Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai on Wednesday claimed victory for Transformation & Continuity team in election runoff.

Massoud said his team is the winner in the second round of election, based on the partial information he has received so far.

He congratulated the Afghan people for the victory of his team in election runoff and pledged of more positive changes in Afghanistan once his team becomes the winner.

Massoud also insisted that the vote of the Afghan people should be respected since the country’s next leader will be appointed by Afghan people.

Massoud was contesting in the first round of presidential election as the first vice president of Zalmai Rassoul who joined Abdullah Abdullah’s team for the election runoff.

He joined the Transformation & Continuity team and announced his support to Dr. Ghani during the second round of election last month.

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  1. dr ghani is the best and scientist person and very important leader in this round so for our is esencial that sapurt this man

  2. Dr Ghani will win for sure!!

  3. It was really no brainer, you either vote for warlords or scientist, your choice…not Pashtun or Tajik.

    I’ve gained too much respect for brother Zia Masoud as he doesn’t care about Tajik/Pashtun just care about prosperous Afghanistan for everyone.!

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