Hundreds of Afghan women including chief of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission Seema Samar and Afghan Women’s Network Chief Fatana Gilani on Wednesday protested against growing violence against women and public execution of an Afghan woman by Taliban militants in northern Parwan province.

The protesters urged to consider justice for all those women are being executed and facing violence in Afghanistan.

This comes as an Afghan woman was brutally shot dead by Taliban militants in northern Parwan province few days back which was hardly condemned by president Karzai, human rights advocates and world leaders.

The footage, which surfaced recently, shows the woman being shot multiple times about 10 days ago in Parwan province, north of the Afghan capital. The gunman was encouraged by people who stood nearby, smiling and cheering.

Police in Parwan said the Taliban were behind the killing, but the insurgents have denied they ordered or carried out the slaying.

The protestors urged to stop violence against women in Afghanistan. Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission Seema Samar said, “The motive behind today’s demonstration is to extend and support law in Afghanistan. All those who are committing inhuman acts which are against the principles of Islam should be arrested and introduced to judiciary institutions.”

 Seema Samar also urged the Afghans not to remain silent against inhuman acts of criminals.