??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Over 500 people participated in a demonstration against the Islamic State and presence of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

The protesters were shouting slogans against the presence of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan and in support of the Kurdish people who are fighting the Islamic State militants.

Protesters were also carrying signs purporting crimes committed by US and NATO forces in Afghanistan and resistance of the female Kurdish fighters against the Islamic State.

The US and NATO were also accused by protester for supporting the extremist groups in Afghanistan and Kobane.

Certain signs carried by protesters were reading “ISIS are the illegitimate sons of USA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey”, “Support for Kobane”, “Resistance against occupiers should be learnt from Kurdish female fighters”, “Kobane is not alone”.

The demonstration was organized by Solidarity party of Afghanistan, which is a small and left wing political party in the country.

The party was founded in 2003 and focuses on secularism, women’s rights, democracy, and opposition to the US/NATO presence in Afghanistan.


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