European Asylum Support Office (EASO) has said that the asylum requests by Afghan people to Europe have increased dramatically and is now the biggest country that lodges the highest number of asylum requests in Europe.

Syrians were previously the largest asylum seekers for the past seven years consecutively who have now made 50% lesser requests compared with Afghans.

Latest statistics indicate that there were 10,000 asylum applications by Afghans in August that reached 17,000 in September showing a 72% rise.

An analysis released by EASO shows that 71,200 asylum applications were lodged in the EU in September this year that is the highest number of applications since November 2016.

The rise in applications by Afghans to the EU also reflects evacuation operations by the EU after the Taliban takeover in mid-August.

Afghans becoming the largest group lodging the most number of asylum applications to the EU is not a surprise as the ongoing humanitarian crisis and the greatest economic collapse have forced over hundreds of thousand Afghans to leave their home country one way or another.

Despite the undesired situation in Afghanistan, there are still people who are waiting for everything to settle and return to normal.