Local media reported that a number of people in the country, especially in the capital complained about a consecutive increase in unemployment due to unfair political conditions in Afghanistan.

The demand the government should proactively interfere in the labour market for resolving this massive urgency.

On the other hand, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs said that the figure of unemployment has not increased.

According to the media, the recent surveys conducted indicate a rise in the unemployment figures in the country following the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic since 2020.

Local media reported that 44 percent of the Afghan’s have lost their jobs.

Youth in the country after the recent pandemic, weakened political situation, insecurity, the high price of consumption goods, daily low income, economic conditions, and unemployment have turned to narcotics addiction, illegal migration.

Some young members of the societies even are involved in criminal activities, lootings, murders, and have affiliated with irresponsible armed groups or criminal gangs.

Despite the report, Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj Minister of Labor and Social Affairs said that the government has specific programs underway for the reduction of unemployment across the country.

Tahyanj added that earlier Central Statistical Organization announced 40 percent of adults are unemployed based on a released report, and the figure is fortunately descending.

Afghanistan is an agricultural country and continuous to be evident to industrial progress, Tahyanj said.

Over the past 18 years, the Labor market and employment in the country have encountered many challenges in spite of current and previous political pledges.

Recent findings of the World Bank showed that with the diminish of 63 percent of the industrial sector of the country during the past year, the number of unemployment figures has ascended in Afghanistan.