As the Taliban are grabbing control over entire Afghanistan but Panjsher province, hundreds of people have taken to the streets in different cities and celebrate Afghanistan’s Independence Day which is normally celebrated on August 19.

In the Afghan capital Kabul, hundreds of people including women are walking on the streets holding the flag of Afghanistan.

They also went to the well-known hill-Wazir Akbar Khan- where the Taliban brought down the city’s iconic and biggest flag of Afghanistan.

The eastern Nangarhar, Laghman, and Kunar provinces also witnessed similar protests and people were celebrating Independence Day carrying the flag on the streets.

Normally, cities across Afghanistan are filled with the flag colored red, black, and green, but everything is different this year and people are not celebrating as they used to do.

Most of the people are afraid after the Taliban opened fire on a group of people in eastern Jalalabad city who were protesting against the removal of the flag from across the city.

The Taliban’s spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid in his press conference in Kabul said that there would be negotiations about the flag on a high level and added that no one was allowed to remove any flag until the final decision.