Head of High Council of National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah along with the head of Taliban’s political office Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar inaugurated two-day peace talks in Doha.

Abdullah Abdullah said if the Taliban strives to take power militarily, the Afghan people will be the only losers of this war.

Abdullah emphasized that Afghanistan is still in need of reconstruction and friendly relations with the international community and escalation in violence will deteriorate the situation and cause heinous war.

He pointed out the gains of the past 20 years and said that the warring sides have different interpretations of the achievements which should not be imposed through war.

Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar on the other hand said all Afghans should stay stiff for territorial integrity and independence and should not allow the spread of ethnic, lingual, religious, and regional discrimination in Afghanistan.

Bradar also affirmed deadlock in intra-afghan peace talks and added that independence and Islam religion should not be the price of peace in the country.

The ceasefire, transitional government, release of Taliban prisoners are purportedly said to be the agenda for the two-day conference of the new intra-afghan talks.

The Afghan delegation led by the head of HCNR Abdullah Abdullah commences talks with the Taliban at a time when the previous talks were at a stalemate.