February 07, 2018

Afghans among 14 killed by train in Southeast Europe

By Zabihullah Moosakhail - Sat Apr 25 2015, 1:23 pm

MacedoniaSeveral Afghans were among 14 migrants lost their lives after they were hit by a train in central Macedonia, Southeast Europe.
Police say migrants were heading towards the European Union along the railway tracks when hit by a train on Thursday.
According to Macedonian authorities the Afghan and Somali migrants were heading from northern Greek city of Thessalnoiki to the Serbian capital of Belgrade when the incident happened in Veles city, central part of Macedonia.
The city prosecutor in a statement says that the driver of the train saw dozens of people on the tracks.
“At that moment, he took action to stop the train and engage the siren, at which point some people left the tracks. The train was unable to stop before hitting and running over some of them.” the statement states.
Rescue operation was launched soon after the incident but the operation pace was slow because the area was only accessible by railway or foot.
Authorities believe members of the group were between 30-40 people, eight of them arrested and the remaining fled the area before police arrived.
Illegal migrants and refugees usually take the overland route from Greece to central and Western Europe and use railway tracks for guidance.

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  1. What a bunch of idiots. Did they just wait on the tracks until the train got to them? Oh well, just some illegal aliens that won’t be living off another host. Good riddance.

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