The Afghan bodybuilding athlete Yasin Salik Qaderi won gold medal in Macau 2018 bodybuilding competition in China.

Mr. Qaderi managed to win the first spot and bag the gold medal during the Global Classic bodybuilding competition which is being held in Macau of China.

According to reports, bodybuilding athletes from various countries have participated in Global Classic bodybuilding competition in which Mr. Qaderi managed to secure first position and bag a gold medal by taking lead in the competition among his rivals.

This comes as Mr. Qaderi had also defeated all his rivals during a similar competition which was organized in Mongolia in October of 2017.

Earlier, Mr. Qaderi had managed to secure first position during the Asia Amateur bodybuilding championship in August of 2017.

The Asia Amateur bodybuilding competition was held in South Korea in August of 2017 in which sixteen athletes had participated from Afghanistan.